Hannah Bawden

Personal Trainer

Hannah’s goal as a coach is to educate women to live a happy, healthy and strong lifestyle. By providing clients with the knowledge of nutrition, mindset and building confidence and strength in the gym.

She has helped so many people to improve confidence in the gym and achieve their weight loss / muscle gain goals in a safe and sustainable way.

Hannah first started the gym on the cardio machines and attending classes only. She has experience of the gym and food anxieties you may face when first starting something new or coming to a new gym. Once she found her love for the gym, she became qualified as a personal trainer and group exercise instructor so that she could help others who were in the same position she was once in.

Over the years her training has varied, completing a half marathon, lifting weights and now competing in body building shows. Her passion and dedication to her own training reflects directly onto her coaching style that has become a recipe for amazing results.

Hannah will provide you with the support and guidance that you need, in order to achieve the fitness and mentality you deserve.

[email protected]

0115 860 5388