Katie North

Personal Trainer

Katie is a very friendly and welcoming individual with a ‘larger than life’ personality who greets everyone she meets with her infectious smile.

She has 15 years’ experience in the Fitness Industry. During this time she has worked at the world’s number one sports resort Club La Santa in Lanzarote and in other countries.

Katie also holds a large variety of accomplishments; Ironman UK 2014 and 2015, championship start at London Marathon and completion of 100k ultramarathon, to name a few. She has also attained a BSc in Social Psychology, ensuring she understands behaviours and thought processes to why people exercise. Her passion for fitness combined with her desire to help others makes her an incredible coach!

Katie asserts that a positive mental attitude is key to a healthy lifestyle and believes that the body can achieve anything, it’s the mind you have to convince.

[email protected]