We understand that our family members live different lives, one member to the next. This is why we have different membership options. This hopefully means that you can choose a package that’s best for your time and budget.

If you sign up for Personal Training, please speak to your Coach to discuss discounted membership options.

We offer Corporate Gym Memberships for multi-sign ups, please contact us to discuss this.

We do not charge a joining fee and there is no fixed term.

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Full Membership
Access all hours
All classes included
42 p/mo
Off-Peak Membership
Access off-peak hours only
Mon - Fri 10am to 4pm and weekend access
32 p/mo
Class Only Membership
Access to all classes
7 days a week
32 p/mo
Gym Pass - Single Use
Individual guest pass
Valid for 1 gym session
7 p/session
Class Pass - Single Use
Individual Class Pass
Valid for 1 class
5 p/class
At FXD we offer a range of classes to suit all fitness needs and ability levels. Classes are available to members and non members.